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With a concentration on ocular surface disease, Eye Doctor’s Resource represents and distributes only the best-in-class technologies for your fine practice.


Meibox & MX2  from Box Medical Solutions.  Both devices are HD imaging systems for slit lamp mounting, designed for doctors by doctors. Providing high resolution images of meibomian glands, the Meibox has helped take the mystery out of dry eyes. With new research pointing towards Meibomian Gland Dysfunction as the main etiology of dry eyes, it is more important now than ever that doctors utilize this technology for the management of ocular surface disease. The visual demonstration enhances patient compliance with your treatment recommendation for early intervention.”   The MX2 provides external ocular imaging with 3 light sources – white light, cobalt blue and infrared as a redesign of the original device.



TearCare® System Personalized Open-Eye Experience

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BioDOptix® is used in the treatment of acute and chronic cornea surface wounds and defects.  It may be used as a graft to facilitate ocular tissue repair or as a biological dressing to protect the ocular surface.  As a graft, it provides a natural substrate that is conducive for migration and attachment of the patient’s own epithelial cells.  As a biological dressing, it shields the regenerating epithelium from frictional forces during the healing process and protects the underlying stroma if it is inflamed or scarred.

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